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Lightening Story Outline

Unlock Your Storytelling Potential!

Idea to Outline in a Jiffy

Are you ready to bring your movie idea to life? 

Transform your story idea into a captivating narrative at lightning speed with our innovative "Story-first Mindset." Experience the power of a minimally viable story outline (MVSO) that kickstarts your first draft of the script, to achieve 10x efficiency.

Subscribe to our blog articles by submitting a story idea for a movie, expressed as a logline and purpose (as shown below), and receive a structured story outline within 2-3 days, ready to pitch the idea or kickstart your script writing journey.

With this irresistible offering, we're excited to empower aspiring filmmakers like you to unleash your creativity and embark on an exciting storytelling journey. Don't miss out – subscribe and submit your story idea today!

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How to Participate:

  1. Subscribe to Our Blog: Enter your email address below to subscribe to our blog articles and stay updated on the latest tips, trends, and insights in storytelling.

  2. Submit Your Story Idea: Craft a compelling logline for your movie idea, capturing its essence in a single sentence. Then, delve deeper to uncover the purpose behind your story – what message or emotion do you want your audience to experience?

Why this MVSO matters:

Break down your story idea into essential elements before being able to pitch the idea or dive into scriptwriting. Our MVSO provides a potential Story Outline, complete with premise, concept, theme, characters, structure, and outline, setting you up for success from the start of writing your script.

Value-added outcome:

Benefit from over three decades of storytelling expertise, honed through crafting compelling narratives for Fortune 500 companies. Experience the power of storytelling to make a meaningful impact with your project.

Crafting a Logline:

A Logline is a concise summary of your movie story idea that encapsulates its core premise, protagonist, conflict, and stakes. Here's a simple formula to guide you:

[Protagonist] [Action] [Conflict] [Stakes]


For example:

"In a world where [describe setting], [protagonist] must [action] [against/with] [antagonist] to [goal], or else [stakes]."

Finding the Purpose:

To discover the purpose of your story idea, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the central theme or message from our shared humanity you want to convey?

  • What emotions do you want your audience to experience?

  • How does your story resonate with real-life experiences or universal truths?


Once you've subscribed to our blog and submitted your story idea (below), our team of experienced storytellers will work diligently to craft a structured story outline tailored to your Logline and Purpose. You should be able to use this outline to start writing the first draft of your movie script.


Working collaboratively using our Breaking into Idea to Outline Offering, we can build the MVSO at a significantly more nuanced and well-aligned with your expectations & outcome.

What we deliver:

We will deliver to your inbox a Potential Story Outline that is structured, with a preliminary premise,  theme, characters, & high-level plot. Please see an example of a Potential Story Outline here.

Please note that all Story Ideas through its Potential Story Outline that you submit to us and work to develop further with us respectively, will remain your IP until further mutual agreements are reached between us.


$50 per story idea submission 

So you got an MVSO, What next?

You can use the Story Outline we deliver to start writing the First Draft of your script.


Use the MVSO to deep-dive into crafting a story outline in a Co-creation Session that will be aligned with your specific vision for the story using our “Break into your story idea” Service Offering.


iJOT Story Consulting agrees to hold all Confidential Information in strict confidence and not to disclose or reveal any Confidential Information to any third party without the prior written consent of the Disclosing Party. iJOT Story Consulting shall only use the Confidential Information for the Purpose and shall take all necessary precautions to prevent unauthorized disclosure or use of the Confidential Information. Confidential Information may include, but is not limited to, Story Idea and its purpose, MVSO derived from the idea, business plans, financial information, trade secrets, know-how, technical information, and any other proprietary or sensitive information related to the Purpose, which is to develop the Story Idea into a MVSO delivery to the Disclosing Party.

Let’s Work Together

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